The Brilliance of Blue Zones: A Conversation with Dr. John Westerdahl

The Brilliance of Blue Zones: A Conversation with Dr. John Westerdahl

Teaching people how to achieve optimal health and longevity has been a life-long commitment for Dr. John Westerdahl. His passion began at age 16 and has led him on a journey that has allowed him to offer his brilliance as a Nutritionist and Health Educator. Dr. John has an impressive background that he puts into practice through his weekly radio show: Health & Longevity on Life Talk Radio. His website is, for those interested in learning more about this awesome individual.

Thanks to his work with the Loma Linda, California Blue Zone, Dr. John was contacted by National Geographic magazine when they were working on their Blue Zone – Longevity issue published in 2005. Hear Dr. John’s insights, advice, and encouragement for people of every age seeking a healthy, happy, prosperous life!

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About Krista Powers

Innately, Krista Powers is a person of passion, presence, wonder and awe. The ability to truly listen and hear people, paired with asking questions that enable a person to dig deeper and create a forward path are hallmarks of her life. Ms. Powers earned her Bachelor of Social Work from Xavier University and her Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan. In high school, she was trained and facilitated peer mediation and conflict resolution. More recently she has pursued certification in the Grief Recovery Method and Life Coaching. Krista’s career has offered opportunities in direct clinical care, program development and evaluation, and fundraising with local, regional, and national audiences. She has been honored to speak at conferences and seminars as a keynote speaker and breakout session facilitator. Additionally, Krista is invested in a spirit of community and engagement. She has served in elected office on her local school board, was humbled to be named a 40 Under 40 Honoree and taught as an adjunct professor at Xavier University. Through all these experiences, Krista has developed as a professional who honors the human aspects of every situation. She has honed an ability to quickly assess pain points, connect and dive into an individual’s vulnerable and difficult moments, identify growth opportunities for individuals and businesses, and has routinely found herself positioned in organizational change management roles as well as informal coaching. Krista has been a primary caregiver for a partner as well as an integral part of care teams for many aging individuals. She has experienced being consumed and lost while caregiving and has learned how to grow in a way that has rekindled her mind, heart, and spirit. With gratitude for her career path and an understanding of her talents and life journey, Krista is energized to align her gifts and passion to empower individuals, specifically caregivers, to ensure they are not lost in the process of important and transformational moments of life.

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