Avoiding scams and be safe online

Avoiding scams and be safe online

Ryan Lippe tells us about avoiding scams and being safe online.

Do you always hear people telling you to be safe online? Ryan is from the Ohio State Attorney’s Office and gives us points on how to be safe and who to contact should someone try to scam you.

Ryan says that people should be aware of clicking on ‘ads’ that are the top of searched pages in Google. They are paid for and you should scroll down to click the “organic” results of your search. He also says it’s ok to not answer your phones. As I say, put off making decisions until you are less emotional about a call and the news you received until you can find out if it’s real or not.

This is the kickoff to our new series, “Tech Tuesday’s ‘Savvy Shopper Holiday Series'” where we discuss all kinds of ways of staying safe and being SAVVY through the holidays every Tuesday at 1 pm LIVE on www.Facebook.com/TheHIPSenior and look for a post here on the site as well!

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