How to Protect Yourself from Malware and Ransomware

How to Protect Yourself from Malware and Ransomware

We learned that malware and ransomware is software that can get embedded in your computer and wreak havoc. Ransomware is software that gets embedded also but has the capability of being triggered by someone remotely. When this happens, someone can hold your computer “ransom”. It can cost you money to get back into your computer.

Ryan Lippe from Ohio Attorney General’s Office teaches us today on Tech Tuesday about how to prevent and protect yourself from Malware and Ransomware.

How do you know if you are infected with either malware or Ransomware?

Often, your computer will start to act “glitchy” or slower than normal. Often people think their computer is too old or the software they are using is outdated. Most of the time, it’s malware that is slowing down your system. That’s a good time to run a program such as Malwarebytes. This will help clean up your computer.

If it’s ransomware, your computer will often have a message that pops up telling you that you’ve been attacked. It’ll also tell you how to contact the attacker to pay them. Sometimes a good computer repair shop can fix it for you. I’d check with one before I paid a ransom.

The State Attorney’s Office offers some advice and information about the subject, but if you need help with your computer, contact us and we’ll refer you to someone. If you find someone that is trying to scam you, go to their website below and you can report that person or company.

For more information, here’s a flyer from the Ohio State Attorney General’s Office.

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