Learning about Dementia and the Benefits of Music

Learning about Dementia and the Benefits of Music

Below is a conversation Teresa Youngstrom and I had (Marianne Bailey from OnlineTechLessons.com) about how much of a benefit music can be for people with dementia and how to create a playlist for them (or for yourself!).

“Music can calm the savage soul”. We’ve heard that saying forever now. What about when the soul is not savage but forgetful? Damaged? Hurt? Music can be as helpful as medication sometimes, so let’s see what the benefits of it can be with Teresa Youngstrom from A Better Approach to MEMORY CARE.

In it, Teresa suggests finding music that your loved one likes to both create good energy for the person, as well as music to calm then. I suggested creating a list for yourself now, why you are still able to and keep it updated so if anything ever happens to you, that people know what your music preferences are.

I hope you enjoy and learn from the conversation we had. For more information, Teresa Youngstrom can be found at www.TeresaYoungstrom.com or at her The HIP Senior Directory Listing and Marianne Bailey can be found at www.OnlineTechLessons.com

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