Winterize for Health

Winterize for Health

How is that a topic of health?

I guess you could say the teacher in me is sneaking out. I always loved creating analogies and connections to help students get a picture in their mind and eventually see the correlation between the two. However, when we think of preparing for a new season there are things we do to make the best of the time. Remember water and sunscreen, and hats for summer, or always have an umbrella in spring? So it goes for fall and winter as they beg us to prepare for more indoor than outdoor time. It also means we need to tend to our wellbeing as the weather is a bit tougher to endure.

Fall is a beautiful time to see so many changes. It becomes a time we are drawn to reflect on how the year has been for us. This year….maybe we are thankful in more ways to be winding up the year. Christmas time, all the holidays that come about this time of year, are a way to celebrate it all. May yours be filled with music, food, friends, family, fun, and all dressed in festive ways.

Okay, it’s time to get back to the winterizing we started talking about. I am glad you enjoyed a quick detour to the ways to look forward to the holidays. Have hopes; taking measures to keep ourselves healthy and well makes us all the better to enjoy the people around us and have some fun and enjoyment, too. Depending upon where we live, the attire for outside and the climate for inside will be a factor.

The weather seems to be the one factor that leads us to follow in step. For fall and winter, it is the foundation of our health that we need to fortify or winterize, no matter our age. As the season slows and tends to be less time outside, and opening windows for fresh air is hard to do, we need to find ways to strengthen our immune system. If you remember your earth science, this time of year we are also farther away from the sun. Sunshine and warmth become less efficient.

We can still get our sunshine every day the sun is shining; which is actually a healthy idea. This is the time so many people begin to see lower levels of Vitamin D in our systems. An item for your checklist would be do get a Vitamin D3 supplement. There are a couple of ways to take Vitamin D. One is to find a liquid spray type of Vitamin D3 that absorbs directly into the system under the tongue. Capsules are also a great variety since they will dissolve readily. Similar to Vitamin D is Vitamin C which helps keep up those germ fighters since our fruits are harder to come by. Giving your body the minerals it needs does not slow when the weather does. It is times like now that we tend to boost a few of them to give us that extra layer of protection since our time is spent mostly inside and the weather is less comfortable.

Zinc is the best go to for that fortifying property to battle. It is one of the most important minerals the body makes and needs to help the immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses. The body also needs zinc to make proteins and DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Zinc is so important for over 300 enzymes that take care of metabolism, digestion, and nerve function; all of which cannot be dormant or sluggish to be our best, well, self. The best part is the lozenges taste really good and absorb into the body the best via the tongue.

Let’s pair the zinc with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C. Together they give the added protection for our immune system. It is the winterizing we need to protect our bodies when the weather and temperatures are less helpful. We have had and still have the overshadowing of this year’s ugly virus in our world. While we can give our body the Zinc, Vitamin C, to absorb the Vitamin D3 in the sunlight IU’s can still come through your skin at a rate much higher than supplements, but you need both sunlight and supplements. During the winter months the earth is actually farther away from the sun compared to warmer months.

We need to do more like insure we have good nutrition and movement. Remember the previous 2 articles- The 7 Doctors of Health, another very important element is how we take care of ourselves. Every body needs the 90 essential nutrients to give the body what it needs to heal, repair, live, and armor up. God created our bodies with the ability to heal itself. Our job is to give it what it needs in nutrition and those supplements not found in our food to give the body it’s strength to keep us healthy and heal those areas needing support.

Winterizing ourselves for this season is more like what we do for our cars. Many of us may still or remember the times we winterized and packed up the cabin or the boats until spring. People are not meant to be packed away. We are ALIVE and need to prepare our environment and our bodies to live abundantly and well through the winter.

How many of you remember mom or grandma reminding you to put on your hat and gloves to go outside? What was good then is good now. We might be older and more susceptible to illness than our younger selves, but we MUST get sunshine and fresh air every day we are blessed to be here. That means go get a hat, scarf, and gloves to cover those delicate areas. A coat of warmth is important or layers of sweater and jacket so you do not over heat in a heavy coat. Allowing our body to breath is also the great way our body rids itself of toxins.

Winterizing for your health is so you can enjoy your days and be active at a time when most of the surrounding slows down and takes a nap until spring. Now that you have winterized yourself, you can still get outside, be vital, move about with enthusiasm and heath.

As we wrap up this time together, I pray you keep moving and grooving inside and outside, getting your sunshine, while nutrifying our bodies with good food, to be your best selves. The holidays are one of my most heartfelt times I love. May it allow you to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones of family and friends. Be well and live well!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Blessings!

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