The Recommended Commercial Weight Loss Programs

The Recommended Commercial Weight Loss Programs

Last month, the different weight regimens were discussed. The U.S News and World Report continue to rate the Mediterranean and DASH diets the best and healthiest to follow at home. This month the recommended commercial weight loss programs are reviewed for their effectiveness.  

There are many weight loss programs in the market, however only five major weight  loss programs with ratings below 10 and higher than 8.9 will be reviewed:  Nutrisystem, Noom diet, diettogo, South Beach diet and the Medifast diet.  

Nutrisystem Diet  The Nutrisystem diet is loved by millions of people around the world. This diet program offers a diet plan with a meal delivery option. There is no need  to be concerned about preparing meals and snacks. Frozen Meals are delivered to the client. This program also includes snacks. With meal plans designed for both men and women, Nutrisystem can help the clients reach their weight goal and those who do not eat meat or are diabetic. Meal replacements and snacks are also offered.  Some major points about the Nutrisystem Diet:

  • Delivers food to your door based on the client’s plan.
  • Includes options for vegetarians and other types of dieters.
  • Sends packages that include full meals and snacks that help meet client weight goals.  The client does not need to determine what to eat at meals and snacks.  
  • Teaches diabetic clients how to replace their favorite food with better choices.
  • This program also offers choices to those who love desserts and sweet snacks.

The Nutrisystem diet received a rating of 9.8.

Noom Diet  The Noom program is a relatively new diet program that helps clients lose weight through a survey and an app. (An app is an application on smartPhone, personal computer, or tablet).  The survey asks multiple questions to determine what the client wants and needs to achieve weight loss. This program lets clients track the calories they consume. The Noom program determines the appropriate meal and snack based on gender, locations and lifestyle needs to lose weight. Some major points about the Noom diet:

  • Set goals to lose weight up to 2 pounds  each week.  
  • Includes a tracking app with weekly goals and challenges.
  • There is a free trial period with signup.  
  • Uses an external survey to identify the client’s needs and goals.
  • Teaches client’s how to make healthy decisions at home.

The Noom Diet received a rating of 9.6.

Diettogo The Diettogo is a relatively new commercial program that has kitchens in major cities such as Philadelphia and New York City. If a client lives near these locations, they can pick up the meals every day and avoid the delivery fee. The Diettogo program includes four meal plans including keto and vegetarian options and  balanced diet, all  are designed for diabetics.  The clients are able to tell the company the foods that are not tolerated. Also the foods that cause allergic reactions are taken into consideration. The company customizes the clients meal plan.

Some major points about the Diettogo diet:

  • Totally prepared meals and free health coaching.
  • Offers four monthly plan types including Keto and Vegetarian.
  • Most meals use organic ingredients from local farmers and suppliers
  • Set goals to limit daily intake to between 1200 and 1600 calories.  
  • Now offers gluten free meal options for their clients

The Diettogo received a rating of 9.5.

The South Beach Diet. The South Beach diet is well known because famous celebrities used this program to lose weight.  The client is able to pick from different four week plans that allow them to follow a Keto diet and eat fewer carbs and sugars everyday.  Each of the 3 major plans come with food delivered to clients home.  The client can opt for a one week reboot to get in shape quickly  or choose the plan specifically designed for diabetics that helps the client manage their condition. Some major points about the South Beach Diet:

  •  Uses three phases with different foods available on each one.
  • Teaches client’s how to make healthy choices when they leave the program.
  • Increases metabolism to help burn more calories daily.
  • Offers options for diabetics and others in a four week format.
  • Helps clients follow Keto diet monitored by a licensed doctor.

The South Beach Diet received a rating of 9.2.

The Medifast. The medifast program was launched in 1980 by a doctor who came up with a plan for obese patients and those who were diabetic or on the brink of developing diabetes.  This program includes full meals that the client can make at home or replacements that take the place of those meals.  The program provides chocolaty bars that taste like candy bars, smoothies, shakes and other snacks so that the client can get the calories that are needed. Some major points about the Medifast Diet:

  •  Specifically designed by a doctor for diabetic and obese clients.
  • Offers two program types with more or less flexibility. 
  • Gives clients meals they can easily and quickly make with some added water.
  • Replaces some meals with snacks, smoothies, bars, and shakes.
  • Sets goal to cut calorie consumption to 1000 or less calories per day.

The Medifast Diet received a rating of 8.9.

The main reason for a client to use a commercial weight loss plan is that it offers help in ways the client did not have  before considering a weight loss program. Not only can the client choose a plan that sends healthy alternatives to their favorite snacks and meals to the door, but the client can also get help every time they hang out with family friends. The client will know what meal can be chosen at any restaurant. Some of these program plans include a mobile app that helps the client track the calories that they eat. This app can also set goals that the client can beat every week.

Each of these commercial diet programs comes with a cost.  The client is advised to not focus too much on the cost per month or year because that high price can be intimidating.  The client needs to think about how much each meal costs and whether it is worth it.  Time also needs to be factored in the preparation of the meals including how much the ingredients will cost.

If a client wants to participate in a commercial diet plan, they  need to get approval from their health care provider.  

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