Thai Salmon Kebabs with Sweet Chilli & Lime Dip

Thai Salmon Kebabs with Sweet Chilli & Lime Dip


4 Tbsp Sweet chilli sauce

Juice of 1 lime

4 – 5 oz of skinless salmon fillet, cut into large chunks.

oil, for drizzling


Step 1 Combine the sweet chili sauce and lime juice in a bowl. Pour half

the mixture into a bowl for serving. Thread the salmon onto 4

skewers and brush with the remaining chilli sauce. Marinate for

20 minutes

Step 2 Heat a griddle pan until very hot. Shake excess marinade from the

kebabs, then drizzle withoil, season and griddle for 8 minutes,

turning occasionally until the salmon is opaque and comes away

easily from the pa. Serve with the dipping sauce

Total time for prep 30 minutes. Easy to follow Serves 4

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