Give Your Family the Ultimate Gift this Holiday Season

Give Your Family the Ultimate Gift this Holiday Season

For one of our partners, last Christmas turned out to be more meaningful than he realized at that time. His mom, the matriarch of the family, the glue that held it all together, had been battling cancer for over 25 years. Always knowing the end was coming, but not knowing when, everyone wanted to get a family picture (which turned out to be the last). During their time together over the holidays, conversations took a turn to more serious topics like what would happen after one of their parents passed. “Just talk to our attorney when the time comes,” their parents would say. But, that year it was revealed that the attorney did not exist. After admitting they didn’t have the planning done they said they did, they decided to finally get their estate in order. They did it for 3 main reasons: It’s easy to do and use when needed, they wanted to take the burden off of their loved ones, and tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Because of the legacy planning we do, our partner’s parents were able to set up their estate documents easily, and put together the small details to save the survivors from guessing what their parents really would have wanted. After creating their plans, they and their loved ones now have access to all their documents on a secure online account and can easily make any edits needed as circumstances inevitably change over time.

When his mom eventually passed, they truly realized the value of the planning they had done. There was no need to decide what church to hold the service at, what songs should be played, what outfit she would be buried in, what kind of casket she would be in, or who she wanted to carry the casket. Our partner and his siblings were able to simply spend time with their mother in her final hours, and then be with their dad as he mourned the passing of his wife of over 60 years.

It was difficult to communicate with her during the final days. If they had waited to plan, they may not have been able to understand her wishes. While she was in hospice care, the family easily accessed her documents so the nurses had the healthcare Power of Attorney (POA) and advance directives to know exactly what she wanted.

By coming together as a family during the holidays, they were able to talk about the important things and get their estate in order. It was an easy process for them before her passing, and made hard times a little more bearable for her family during and after her passing. Because she and her family didn’t know exactly when her final days would be, it was invaluable that she took care of things while she was clear of mind and physically able to handle them properly.

In the days after your passing, if you could look down and see your loved ones, would you prefer to see them in stress handling the little things you hadn’t, or to see them replaying loving memories and celebrating your life?

Let us help you give the ultimate gift to your family this holiday season with our simple, comfortable process that you can afford.

Don’t just take it from me. This is why one of our clients decided to get their estate in order:

“After dealing with the passing of my mother, I didn’t want my family to be forced to deal with anything I could’ve done before I was gone. I love my parents dearly and I know they love me. Before I had to go through it I never would have guessed how many little decisions have to be made. Looking back now, I realize how much extra time and money was spent because decisions had to be made under stress. And there are too many people out there who will take advantage of that.” -Diane M

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