Self-Love: What You Need To Know

Self-Love: What You Need To Know

What Self-Love Means and Why It Matters

 It sounds so selfish, doesn’t it?   The term “self-love”.   We hear the term being tossed around a lot these days.  What do you think when you hear it?  

In honor of the month of love and Valentine’s Day, let’s dig in and discover what all the buzz is about. The term “self-love” is often heard in the same sentence or paragraph as “self-care”.

It is knowing that you can take care of yourself. 

You take care of yourself physically.   You make sure that you eat good food, move your body, stay hydrated, and get plenty of rest so your body is taken care of.  In fact, you probably would not even consider not giving yourself food and water!   

Less obvious, and just as important, you  also need emotional care.  What do I mean by emotional care?  I am so glad you asked! 

This is simply a way for you to take care of yourself in an emotional way. Managing thoughts and emotions is not taught in school. In fact, most of us only learned NOT to feel our emotions. It’s not your fault if you are not aware of how to manage this part of your being.  Yet learning this special set of tools allows you to go through life even more fully and beautifully than you already are. And, it’s a lot of fun.

By managing your own mind and emotions, you are free to show up to love others better, and more.

By doing the mental and emotional work, you understand how to stop letting other people be responsible for your happiness.  You take control of your feelings and thoughts.   Added bonus:  you understand that you are not responsible for their happiness either.  That is up to them.  

Self-love is understanding you have everything you need inside of you.   

And by meeting those needs yourself, you can show up to love and serve others without expectation.   You can love others without the need for others to love you back. That is powerful.

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