Making Shopping Safer for Seniors

Making Shopping Safer for Seniors

How many times have you been surfing on the web and looked up an item that you wanted to buy? What was the first thing that came up on the top of the page? Was it the home page of the item’s website?

Chances are, it was not. What came up? Most likely, an ad. Here’s an example. I opened Google and searched for ‘Senior homes in the dayton area’.

As you can see, the first FOUR listings are ads. How do I know this? Because see the yellow highlighted word Ad in front of the URL above the blue names? Those are listings that are paid to be at the top of the page.

Now, you might be asking, “Why is this bad?” It’s not necessarily bad. There are, however, times when it can be. ANYONE can place an ad and be at the top of that directory with the right advertising skills and enough money. ANYONE. This can be a legitimate company but it can also be scammers! It can look very legit but placed by people with ill will in some other country (or even in ours!). (I know the businesses listed in this example and they are not scammers – just so you know)

So how to we prevent scam? Be very careful about who we give our information out to. Make sure we go directly to websites that are owned by the company you are trying to reach. If in doubt, find that companies phone number and call and talk to them. If something doesn’t fell right, hang up.

That’s the reason we created The HIP Senior Directory. We wanted to match up senior citizens with businesses that had the heart and the soul to serve senior citizens (aged 55+). Each business is personally vetted by us.

Below is a picture of it. Since it’s new and growing quickly, we ask that you have a look, bookmark it and check back often! Thanks! Our sole mission is to “Make shopping safer for seniors”!

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