About Kara Long

Kara Long is a writer, artist, and musician gone entrepreneur, born in the little historical town of Irvington, Indiana. In her childhood, she experienced several losses of close family members that shaped her life and interests. Her lifelong passion for writing, music, and art followed her into college, where she studied Music Technology and Media Arts and Science. After graduating from both majors, she was hired as a 3D modeler at a local company but found herself feeling out of place, unfulfilled, and struggling with mental health. She left the industry to focus on mental health and seek a career where she could have a higher, positive impact on people’s lives not just with her artistic and technical skills, but also her experiences with grief, education, empathy, mental health, and deep conversation. Months later, an idea for a business revealed the beautiful intersection of her cumulative skills, interests, experiences, and goals. That idea was The Memory Collective—a service to help people preserve, store, and pass down their oral stories for themselves, their family, and future generations. In August of 2020, Kara presented The Memory Collective in a local pitch contest, delighted the judging panel, and won the contest. Since then, Kara has been hard at work developing oral storytelling resources such as her Oral Story Kits and Courses, membership, and personal services of interviewing, audiobook making, transcription, indexing, and bookmaking. Kara has ambitions to create local, national, and international jobs and to reach people worldwide as her company grows.